Overly Frustrated With Your Over Pronation? Your Podiatrist Can Help!

If you suffer from foot pain due to rolling your feet inwards, also known as over pronation, your first instinct may be to try to handle the issue yourself using over-the-counter orthotic devices. Such devices are typically designed to slide into your shoes, where they provide extra arch support. The main problem with over-the-counter orthotic devices is that they are made to fit a large range of feet, and thus are unlikely to fit your feet precisely enough to help with over pronation. This can result in the orthotics sliding, shifting, and failing to give you the relief you need. Keep reading to find out about two types of orthotics that the podiatrist clinic in your area can provide for help with over pronation.

Heat Molded Orthotics

Heat molded orthotics are made out of Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA,) the same material that many over-the-counter orthotic devices are made from. The heat molded orthotics are different because they are customized by heating, which allows for precise molding.

During the heating process, the podiatrist will heat the orthotic by applying a special heat gun to the bottom of the device. Heat molded orthotics have a thermal indicator that tells the podiatrist when it has reached the proper temperature for molding. The patient will then stand on the orthotic while the podiatrist molds it to their foot measurements.

Plastic Orthotics

Most cases of over pronation can be corrected with the cheaper heat molded orthotics, however if your over pronation has been untreated for years you may need custom plastic orthotics to provide sufficient pain relief.

Plastic orthotics are created via plaster casting. The podiatrist will create a plaster negative cast of the foot, which is then sent to a custom orthotics lab. At the lab, the mold will be used to make an exact replica of the bottom part of the foot. With this replica, the orthotics lab will make a rigid plastic device that is designed to slip in the shoe. A custom plastic orthotic device can provide a higher degree of correction than heat molded orthotics can, but this type of device is not as comfortable for the patient and is thus reserved for cases of extreme foot problems.

Your podiatrist is your best friend when it comes to over pronation foot pain. Trying to treat it yourself won't likely correct the issue, but if you get personalized orthotic help, from a professional podiatrist like Dr. Russell Newsom, now you can be walking pain-free very soon!