4 Ways To Relieve Heel Pain

If you have been suffering from heel pain, then you know all to well how painful it can be. Perhaps you are searching for natural solutions that you can try at home. There are many natural treatments that are easy to use and very effective. Here are some of the best home remedies around.

Put Your Feet Up

It is possible that your heel pain is due to not taking enough time to rest. If you have a busy schedule the best thing you can do for your heels is to schedule in some time to put your feet up at least twice per day. Sit down and elevate your feet for a least twenty minutes to get proper circulation.

Use Ice

Ice is a great way to relieve heel pain. Put an ice pack on your heel to lesson any inflammation. If you don't have an ice-pack readily available, then you can take some ice from the fridge and wrap the cubes in a towel. Leave on for about fifteen minutes and then put your feet up for another twenty minutes. You will feel great relief.

Try Foot Stretches

There are several foot stretching videos on the market that will show you exactly how to relieve heel pain. Strengthening your ligaments is a good way to help to relieve you heel pain. Just be sure that you talk to your podiatrist about any program you choose. Or even ask them to recommend one or show you some stretches that you can do.

It May Be Time to Change Your Shoes

One of the leading causes of heel pain is shoes that do not fit well. Examine your shoe closet are your shoes as comfortable as they should be. If your able to identify shoes that are too tight or have worn out insoles then it is time to go shopping. When you have heel pain the best thing you can do is to buy comfortable shoes that have cushioned insides. If you do not wear sandals often, perhaps you should try to wear them more, since they will leave your heel free until it heals.

If you are suffering from heel pain, then you need to take steps to relieve yourself of pain. Using the simple natural methods outlined can greatly reduce your heel pain and your need for medication. If you remember to take time out to put your feet up, ice them when necessary, do stretches and wear comfortable shoes and sandals you will be well on your way to relieving heel pain. For more information, contact a company like Collier Podiatry PA today.