2 Care Tips For Your Feet And Ankles To Prevent Injuries

There are a great number of tiny bones in your foot and ankle, which is why injuries in these areas are so prevalent. Injuries can occur in a number of ways, from playing sports or exercising, or even just by walking and stepping improperly. No matter what way the injury occurs, treating these injuries properly and maintaining recovery is very important and should be done with the help of a foot and ankle specialist. To help you prevent these injuries in the first place, here are some care tips you can practice to prevent injuries to these areas.

1. Stretch Before Exercise Or Playing Sports

Anytime you're going to be putting your body through any type of strenuous activity, you should prepare your body by stretching. Stretch your major muscles, but don't forget about your feet and ankles. These also have muscles and ligaments that need loosening as well. If you have tight muscles anywhere on your body, you are making them more susceptible for injuries. Loosen the muscles in your feet and ankles by rolling your ankles in a circle, clockwise and counter-clockwise. Also be sure to point your toes down towards the floor and up towards the ceiling to loosen these areas. Stand up onto the balls of your feet to stretch the muscles in your calf, as well as the arch in your foot. 

2. Upgrade Your Shoes

When you do exercise or play a sport, be sure your footwear is supportive and comfortable. If you are wearing cheap shoes that don't offer enough support, or the proper amount of support and cushion, you could end up with injuries. Upgrade your footwear as needed to give your feet the best possible chance at preventing an injury. Injuries such as blisters, bunions, falling arches, an Achilles injury, or a number of other foot injuries can occur as a result of not wearing the right type of shoe when performing an exercise or other type of activity.

Prevent injury to these delicate areas on the body by taking better care of your feet and ankles. Pay attention to the shoes that hurt your feet and change them to shoes that fit you properly. Remember to stretch your feet and ankles to prevent injuries and to keep your muscles and tendons flexible and strong. If you do end up with an injury, be sure to make an appointment with a podiatrist to have your injury treated properly. 

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