Feet Hurt In The Cold Season? Learn How To Manage It With These Tips

If you struggle with foot pain every cold season, find solutions for it now. Although foot pain can plague you all year round, it can be worse in the cold season if you have a health problem that affects your circulation. Your body's natural ability to reserve heat may also affect your feet. You can make your feet feel more comfortable with the information and pain-relieving tips below. Why Do Your Feet Hurt in Cold Weather? [Read More]

Ankle Pain And Why People Of All Age Groups Need A Podiatrist

The ankle, a hinge joint that connects your tibia and fibula (major leg bones) to your feet gives you stability and aids foot mobility.  Ankle pain is common, and if unattended it can cause you major problems in the future. A study released by the American Podiatric Medical Association in 2014 revealed that 83 percent of Americans suffer regular foot pain and only a third would seek expert opinion from a podiatrist, which is a very concerning behavior. [Read More]

Which Way Do You Roll? Understanding Pronation And Supination

If you have frequent problems with your feet, especially if you're a runner, you may want to see a podiatrist for a gait evaluation. It's possible your feet roll to one side or the other, and this can lead to several different foot ailments. If your foot rolls to the inside, the condition is called overpronation. If it rolls to the outside, it is called oversupination. Here is a look at how these two gait abnormalities differ and how they are treated: [Read More]

3 Fast Facts About Heel Pain You Should Know

The feet that you rely on to take you where you need to go in your day-to-day life sure do take a beating–quite literally! However, you rarely appreciate how much stress you do put on those feet until something goes wrong, especially when you start suffering from heel pain. Heel pain can come from a range of problems, from stressed tendons to plantar fasciitis. Yet, even though so many suffer from pain in the heels of their feet, many don't know a lot about what causes the onset or even how to treat the issue. [Read More]